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Celilo-Sylmar No. 1 - $5M
WEI was a subcontractor for the Celilo-Sylmar No. 1 project. This project involved the construction of new access roads, installation and/or repair of gates, installation of drain dips and water bars, together with hydro seeding.

The Celilo-Sylmar No. 1 project was located in a remote area and was two hours to the nearest town.  WEI’s past experience working in remote areas like this enabled us to understand and plan for logistical challenges to keep the project on schedule and running smoothly.  Therefore, WEI had to have gravel crushed and processed on an approved site.  The Celilo-Sylmar was an extremely environmental and cultural project ranging from endangered plant species, native American cultural recourses to paleontological sites.  In addition, some areas of this project were extremely steep and located in a high desert environment with variable temperatures depending on the time of year.   Due to the environmental aspects of this project wash stations were required in designated locations.